Administrate API Integration Workshop

26th October 2016

Full Administrate API Integration – LITE 2016 workshop

In September 2016 Metadigital ran a guest workshop at LITE 2016 in Edinburgh’s Assembly Roxy. LITE is an annual conference curated by Administrate - the Training and Learning Management System. LITE is an EdTech conference presenting a refreshing look at Learning Innovation Technology and Evolution. If you are a learning or training solution provider you should really consider attending in September 2017.

The main focus of the conference is the main stage and a host of interesting speakers – these ranged from John Romero - the legendary games designer to Graham Obree - ‘The Flying Scotsman’. Meanwhile, the audience was also invited to attend a series of workshops on wide ranging topics. John Macfarlane of Metadigital presented an informative talk on ‘Full API Integration – for websites, intranets and extranets’.

For the uninitiated, API integration is one of 3 methods that can be used to connect Administrate with your website. If you have a WordPress website, you can achieve a basic level of integration using an off the shelf plugin. If you don’t have a WordPress website that leaves 2 options; the WebLink and the Administrate API.

If you have a query relating to Administrate API integration don’t hesitate to get in touch or contact your Administrate account manager for more information on Metadigital’s services.

We hope that you can take the time to watch the video or view the slides.

By: John Macfarlane

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