Web integration. What is it and why do you need it?

19th May 2016

Connecting the unconnected

You’ve probably heard the term and may be curious whether your business could benefit from it. Web integration is the ‘digital’ equivalent of system integration or middleware and, essentially, means connecting any number of unconnected software or web applications through a single hub allowing them to communicate together and act as one.

Saas and Cloud Computing

In the world of digital and web technologies you’ll be familiar with the terms Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing or ‘The Cloud’, a ubiquitous and overused term for web applications and infrastructure hosted on the web. The attraction of cloud computing for many businesses is not only the move to a monthly subscription based business model, allowing them to lease software rather than own it, but the subsequent reduction in hardware and IT personnel costs due to decreasing reliance on internal infrastructure.

As businesses take advantage of a more affordable way to access software it has become increasingly common for a number of cloud based systems to underpin a single business’s operations. Typical solutions that have ported well to the cloud are;

  • CMS (website content management systems)
  • Analytics
  • eCommerce
  • Shipping
  • EPOS/Inventory Management (electronic point of sale / stock management)
  • Accounts
  • Marketing CRM (customer relationship management)
  • ERP (enterprise resource management)
  • Training/Learning Management Systems

Smarter working

So, a business invests in best of breed cloud based software, integral to their digital strategy but realises that to increase efficiency, introduce smarter processes and improve transparency of data across the organisation, the systems need to start talking. However, with none of them speaking the same language, this is where the need for web integration comes in, facilitating cross platform communication to enable businesses to work smarter. An integration project could be something as simple as integrating your website with a CRM system, allowing you to capture opportunities, or something more complex like an integrated eCommerce solution and EPOS system, offering real-time stock control across high street and digital, or eCommerce, LMS and Accounts systems providing a fully automated process from creation of training material to raising the customers invoice.

Metadigital are experts in web integration, not just the technology, but also in understanding business processes and identifying where efficiencies can be introduced through integration that allow you to work smarter.

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By: John Macfarlane

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