Quality ‘vs’ quantity

3 Feb 2014

Why relevant traffic works hardest.

We received a nice email from a happy client this week which got us talking about organic search again.

Marc Samuels, Sales Director at 88 Events got in touch to say that he’d “just had record month for new business”. Now, I’m not sure he was attributing all that to the shiny new website we launched a few weeks ago but he did say that “The site’s really really working well and feedback still great”. He went on to say that “Getting rid of that cheap traffic was the best thing I ever did!”.

So, some background. 88 Events are a really dynamic luxury wedding and event planning business based in Glasgow. They approached us to pitch for the planning, design, build and promotion of a new website. Now Marc knows about websites. He’s a fairly savvy digital marketer and his business is now on its 4th generation website. However, he’d been attracted to the general pitch that we’re all subjected to by so called SEO ‘practitioners’. Do you want to increase traffic to your website?

Short answer for all of us (especially a few years ago)? Yes. But let’s look at the bigger picture here. Marc had engaged with a business with a single objective. Increase the visitor numbers to the 88 Events website month on month. Now, there’s more to that than meets the eye. It sounds logical but it can be a difficult goal to maintain for the SEO provider.

It can be equally hard to manage for the SME receiving the sales enquiries. Getting a massive increase in traffic inevitably means more sales enquiries at the top of the funnel. However, if these enquiries aren’t in line with your business objectives you’re going to spend a lot of time qualifying duff leads. Marc ended up with a sales team that was spending far too much time and effort sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Metadigital helped Marc to re-focus on his target audience. By leading 88 Events through some structured sessions (focussed on building personas of their typical customers) we were able to focus attention on the correct creative style, tone of voice and content that would appeal to these groups. In addition we built a site which had all the ‘structural’ features required to generate pages that rank well highly focussed keywords.

The result? Well its early days and we’re the first to admit that all SEO activity has to be constantly monitored but the future looks good for 88 Events. Google ‘linen hire glasgow’ to see what we mean.

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By: Robin Balmforth

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