Our top 10 digital predictions for 2015

7 Jan 2015

You might have predicted, as 2014 drew to a close, that there would be a swathe of top 10 prediction posts in January 2015. Well, you were right. Still, we thought that we’d try our hand and have produced a light-hearted list of our top predictions for the digital industry in 2015.

Computing everywhere

2015 is the year when businesses have to fully consider the digital touchpoint across mobile, tablet and desktop (and probably in that order). Stand in your customers shoes and as they pick up their phone, perform a search and land on your homepage. Then think about what happens on tablet & finally the desktop.

Flat (and material design)

This describes the recent move away from the unhealthy obsession with rounded corners, drop shadows and other bothersome 3d effects. The new minimilist approach uses simple elements, typography and flat colours. With the advent of new frameworks and a new visual design language from Google we predict that this trend is set to continue throughout 2015.

Micro interactions

This approach, also referred to as micro UX, focusses on small but powerful features. Micro interactions allow the user to perform tasks such as zoom in on a product image or share an article with friends without leaving your site (or even moving their cursor very far). This, in turn, increases dwell time and stickiness at a time when your brand is being spread across many social platforms and other apps. Trust us, it’s a good thing.

Card designs & subtle animation

We had a go at card design on our recent project commemorating Scotland’s First World War and we have more of this in production. We expect that this will become commonplace in the coming year as HTML5 and CSS3 support becomes more widespread across browsers. It also helps lift that flat design using animation and effects where most appropriate.

Useful analytics

We live in an age where storage is cheap and accessible and no-one is afraid of collecting data. Lots of data. So much that it has become almost impossible to see the wood from the trees (or the unique sessions from the non-branded keyword segment). 2015 is the year where you have to say ‘enough is enough’. Repeat after us: “I want to baseline my stats and understand the basics”.

The internet of things

Or in other words “Can I monetise my assets through leveraging the addressability of connected devices?” Or in even more words “Does my business own assets that could produce revenue from the advent of IPV6?”. OK, we admit we’re a bit short of time to do this topic justice. Mark our words - 2015 will see some new and exciting business models as a result of these ‘things’…

Wearable technology

Simply put this is the use of technology to enhance user experience through a werable device. It might be some glasses that take photos, it might be your watch recording your heartrate or even a hat that plays the radio (OK – not that last one, that was something my uncle had in the 80s). Perhaps your existing business model could evolve to leverage this?

Cloud computing and the API

So, you’ve heard of the cloud? Let us introduce you to it’s best friend – the API (Application Programming Interface). We’re particularly interested in this one. We’ve noticed that most of our customers use cloud software to manage part of their business or store some of their data. Perhaps you’re using an eCRM system or a bookkeeping package. We look forward to leveraging more of your business data via APIs and using it as one of the building blocks that go into your web solution in 2015.

We realise that all of our predictions may not pan out. The web was, is and will always be an unpredictable, yet fascinating entity. Our new year’s resolution is to keep trying out new technology to make our business more effective. We hope you will too.

Credit to Sitepoint, Gartner, JustCreative and Moz for providing inspirational background reading for this article.

By: Robin Balmforth

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