Web integration for training companies

06th September 2016

Real world scenarios

Do you run a training company? Do you have a website? Do you use software (or at least a home-made spreadsheet or database) to run the administration of your training business? If it’s a yes to all 3 of these questions read on. In this article we will share some useful tips to help you keep ahead of your competitors.

Recently at Metadigital we’ve been working on some interesting projects with small to medium sized training businesses around the UK. We’ve met some great new people with a real passion for sharing knowledge and helping their customers develop through unique training methods and great content.

We’re helping these customers produce state of the art websites to promote their services, share their knowledge and create an effective journey for their customers to book and manage their training experience online.

So what I hear you say? You’re a web design business – that’s exactly what I’d expect you to do. Well, some of our recent projects have a different angle. In addition to delivering the latest in training course eCommerce we’ve been layering in some bespoke software integration - making our solutions deliver extra bang for the buck.

We realised that many of our customers use a Training Management System (TMS) to run the administration aspects of their business – course bookings, resource scheduling, distributing course documents, issuing completion certificates – that kind of thing. We also realised that many of these platforms have an Application Programming Interface or API.

What’s an API? Well it’s basically a way of (securely) sharing some of the functions and data from the latest software platforms with your website solution. To use a visual metaphor, we put jigsaw pieces together to create a joined up view of your business data.

One of the best ways to explain this is probably to understand some of the typical challenges that our customers face. Here are some common questions:

  • How can we make sure that our website and TMS or book-keeping system are automatically synchronised without compromising how things look?
  • How can we allow our customers to browse & book lots of different courses with different delegates and checkout securely in a single action?
  • Can you provide a way for customers to browse my courses via a highly intuitive calendar interface with custom filters for our course categories?
  • Can we provide a method for our customers to pay for our courses by a payment plan (i.e. instalments)?
  • Can we provide an interface for our employees to view an overall resource schedule for trainers, rooms and equipment to make our operations simpler?

If any of these challenges sound familiar to you then we can help you. The API revolution is here. Getting your business working across multiple software platforms is a reality. Don’t put up with disjointed silos of data. Find your single point of truth.

Metadigital has a tried and tested approach which covers design, build, integration and ongoing support.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss how Metadigital can help you work smarter.

By: Robin Balmforth

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