So many devices...

The array of devices that your customers use to browse the web is becoming more and more diverse.

It's crucial that you are aware how your business is percieved across mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

Fortunately responsive design allows a single set of markup respond to your user's screen size.

Connection speeds

However, there is more to it than just the size of the screen. Connectivity is also an important consideration. The ergonomics of how different devices are held and the human interaction are also more important than ever.

Metadigital are aware of all the issues that are pertinent to modern browsing across multiple devices. We'll take time to consider mobile first and make sure that a fast-load time and optimised user experience are a top priority for your digital strategy.

Only when we're happy with the output of this important stage do we start integrating with the chosen eCommerce solution, content management system or bespoke web application.

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