Search engine optimisation

Keyword research

Right from the start we consult you to gain specific insight into your target audience. This will help us to understand more about the type of visitor that you want to attract and the actions that you want them to perform when they arrive.

Next, we carry out keyword research and create a list of key phrases that will be incorporated into the website during the content preparation and build phases of the project.

Page optimisation

For each of the key phrases identified in the keyword research phase we identify a page from your site to carry out page level optimisation – these act as key landing pages. This process involves addressing the code behind a specific page to make sure that all the key HTML attributes include the agreed phrase.

We also perform usability checks to make sure that the action identified for each group of visitors is simple to perform. These actions are called conversion goals and if appropriate we add tracking code to allow us to report on the conversion rate that is achieved over time.

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